Do the Denver Zombie Crawl

Denver Zombie CrawlGet in the Halloween spirit this fall with the Denver Zombie Crawl! One of the most unique events in the city, the Denver Zombie Crawl invites all those who want to dress as a zombie and walk through the streets of Denver. Don’t miss your chance to get in the fall spirit, do the Denver Zombie Crawl!

On Saturday, October 17, the Denver Zombie Crawl will take place at Skyline Park. It is being billed as the largest gathering of zombies in history! The day will begin with the “Organ Trail” followed by makeup and costume help followed by “Thriller” and the Zombie Crawl Parade down 16th street. There will also be costume contest at Skyline Park and Denver Zombie Crawl after parties throughout downtown.

The Organ Trail is an urban adventure through the city that will start with zombies looking for clues to complete checkpoints. There is fun for all and will give zombies an adventure to start the day with. Explore the city and compete with different zombies to win the Organ Trail! Zombies will have four hours to start the competition and will run, walk or crawl to find clues. Make sure to bring maps and your cell phone to help you find clues! First place wins $300, second place $200 and third place $100.

Starting at noon, there will be costume and makeup help for all zombies prior to the zombie crawl. From noon to 3:55, there will be DJs, music, bands, games and more throughout Skyline Park. This will be a great outdoor celebration for all the participants.

Join in a performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at 3:55 p.m. and then hit 16th Street to participate in the Denver Zombie Crawl. The path will head from Skyline Park to California St. and then u-turn back to Skyline Park.

After the parade returns to Skyline Park, there will be costume contests for the best zombie. After the costume contest, there are after parties in Denver for the zombie participants. Tickets to the after parties will get you to two different parties.

The Denver Zombie Crawl is all-ages and is free for all. Everyone is welcome to the Denver Zombie Crawl however participants are encouraged to bring non-perishable donations that will go to the Food Bank of the Rockies.

This fall, check out one of the most unique attractions in Denver, CO with the Denver Zombie Crawl. Book a stay with Castle Marne which is conveniently located in downtown Denver. Castle Marne is one of the top places to stay in Denver and will make for a great vacation location. Be sure to check out our Vacation Guide before your trip, then head to Skyline Park to begin the Zombie Crawl and set a world record for most zombies!

9:00 AM – Organ Trail
12:00 PM – Makeup and costume help
12:00 – 3:55pm PM – DJs, Bands, Games, more!
3:55 PM – Thriller
4:00 PM- Zombie Crawl Parade down 16th St. (Skyline Park to California St., u-turn, and back to Skyline)
5:30 PM – Costume Contests @ Skyline Park
6:00 PM – Zombie Crawl after parties

Photo Credit: Xuilla / 2010 Denver Zombie Crawl / Flickr