Your Guide to the Best Attractions at the Aquarium in Denver

Laquarium in Denverooking for a great aquarium in Denver? The Downtown Aquarium located in downtown Denver has been a Denver scientific institution since it opened its doors in 1999. With several great exhibits and attractions, the aquarium in Denver is great for kids of all ages and adults.

Opened over 15 years ago near Sports Authority Field at Mile High and the Pepsi Center, the Downtown Aquarium was originally called Colorado’s Ocean Journey. It is also the largest aquarium between Los Angeles and Chicago. Children under two are free while kids tickets are just $12.99 and adult passes are $18.99, making it affordable to visit the aquarium in Denver.

Among the several great exhibits through the aquarium in Denver include a look at North America habitats and animals, animals in the desert and animals in the rainforest. There is also a 4-D theater which has films in this one-of-a-kind theater experience.

Here’s a look at the various exhibits that make the aquarium in Denver one of the top exhibits!

North America

With a great number of habitats and animals that populate North America, there are plenty of great things to see.

In The Desert

According to the Downtown Aquarium website, “Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain per year and have a very high evaporation rate, which exceeds the annual rainfall rate. Animals living in the desert have adapted to dryness, extreme temperatures and lack of shelter from the sun.”

Under The Sea

The Under the Sea exhibit will guide visitors through the coral reef which is one of the most unique and endangered ecosystems in the world.

At The Wharf

Visitors will be able to see how a wharf habitat is able to sustain itself with waves and tides constantly crashing. The animals are able to survive and thrive through this harsh environment. With various animals that have to live under the water and then get limited exposure are unique to our world and this gives a great glimpse inside that environment.

The Rainforest

Kids and visitors love going to the rainforest exhibit at the aquarium in Denver. With the rainforest suffering deforestation across the world, this exhibit gives the visitors a unique glimpse into the animals and organisms that make their way in this incredible ecosystem.

Coral Lagoon

According to the Downtown Aquarium website, “Barrier reefs consist of ridges of coral that run parallel to coastlines. They serve as barricades, breaking down wave energy before it reaches land. This saltwater habitat simulates a protected coral lagoon, sheltered from the pounding waves by a barrier reef.”

Sunken Temple

A unique exhibit at the aquarium in Denver features examples ancient ruins and temples that house animals and organisms.


Visitors love to visit the Shipwreck exhibit which has paintings on the walls and simulate the coral reef which causes many shipwrecks.

At The Beach

Since Colorado does not have an ocean beach, this exhibit provides visitors a chance to see the animals that live in the shallow weather off the shore. These creatures bury themselves in the sand and live throughout the beaches.

4-D Theater

This theater features 40 seats and help create a unique movie experience. There are 15 minute films that change throughout the year.

The Denver Aquarium is just one of the many fun activities in Denver, Colorado. Our free Vacation Guide will give you a list reasons why you will want to visit the Mile-High City.

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Photo Credit: Bogdan Migulski / Ocean Journey Aquarium, Denver, Colorado / Flickr