Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Forney Museum of Transportation

Are you a major car enthusiast? If so, and you happen to be planning a trip to Denver, be sure to visit the Forney Museum of Transportation during your stay. The museum houses a collection of 600, one-of-a-kind, transportation machines. Whether you want to see antique buggies or centuries-old automobiles, you can find your favorite make and model at the Forney Museum of Transportation.

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The Extensive Collection

There is a unique collection of 600 transportation machines housed at the Forney Museum of Transportation. Discover the evolution of the modern transportation with exact replicas of buggies, carriages, motorcycles, and bicycles. You can see the first public transit machines and steam locomotives (the first form of railway travel), and rail equipment. Walk around to see model aircraft, fire apparatus, and sleighs. Explore the main attractions of the Forney Museum of Transportation and take a picture with your favorite.

Preserving History

From the rustic wagon to the horse-drawn carriage to luxury vehicles, the Forney Museum of Transportation brings to life the evolution of transportation. The museum opened 60 years ago with a single 1921 Kissel in the showroom, maintains its mission of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting transportation for educational and personal enrichment. With every step, you are taken back to a simpler time where air-conditioning, heated seats, and leather interior would never been thought of, or even considered possible.

Touring the Forney Museum of Transportation

Do you have a large party traveling with you? Or are you local and planning to meet at the museum for a class field trip? Create the most dynamic, engaging experience when you have a guided tour. The tour guides are knowledgeable, fun, and enthusiastic. Ask them questions to better understand how each car, train, or plane has changed over the years. Be sure to call two weeks ahead for this amazing learning opportunity!

Set your own pace and take a self-guided tour. You can walk around and find the areas you most want to visit. If you are traveling with a class, teachers can tailor their visit to the areas they want their students to learn about. You must book the self-guided tour at least 1 week in advance with a minimum of 10 guests.

Get a preview of the museum when you take a virtual tour right on your computer! There is an interactive timeline showing you all the historic milestones. You can even watch videos on locomotives, cars, and motors. Browse all the collections and learn more than you ever knew you would about our vast transportation history.

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