Why You Need to Visit the History Colorado Center!

Calling all history buffs! When you stay with us at Castle Marne, you’ll be just around the corner from several Denver attractions, including museums, galleries, and historic sites. One of our guests’ favorite places to learn about our intricate past is at the Historic Colorado Center. Also known as the Colorado History Museum, you’ll be captivated by interactive exhibits, compelling artifacts, and wonderful displays!

Before visiting the Historic Colorado Center, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to Denver! You’ll find our top recommendations for everything in the Capitol Hill Denver neighborhood, like eateries, parks, and nightlife. Our guide also features the unique accommodations and luxurious amenities at Castle Marne!

Everything You’ll Experience at the History Colorado Center

Before you tour, we recommend downloading your free map of History Colorado Center. It lists the exhibits, facilities, and entrances to each floor. And, buy your tickets online ahead of time to beat the lines!

What Can You See  

Open daily, the History Colorado Center takes you back the early days of Mile High City. If you want to dive back into the past, you can sit in a hollowed-out automobile that is situated in front of a slideshow of images. These photographs showcase the beautiful countryside, stunning mountains, and open fields of Colorado. In addition, you’ll see “Green Trail” labels on many items throughout the complex. These showcase the recycling and conservation efforts of the History Colorado Center!

Where is the Museum?

You can find the outstanding Historic Colorado Center at the corner of E. 12 Avenue and Lincoln Street in Capitol Hill. In fact, it’s just a 1.7-mile trip from your luxurious accommodation at Castle Marne. Before heading there, ask us at the front desk about our bike rentals, the perfect way to cruise down the Denver streets!

Other Places to Visit

Since the history of Colorado contains many different elements, there are several museums associated with the History Colorado Center. These incredible establishments include:

Castle Marne Is a Piece of Denver History!

After you learn something new at the History Colorado Center, meander through the beautifully restored Castle Marne. Our historic bed and breakfast was constructed in 1889, among the booming construction era in Denver. As you walk around our mansion, you’ll see overtones from the Queen Anne period in England with royal velvet, grand staircases, and stained-glass windows on the way back to your guest room.

We invite you to browse our accommodations and select the ideal retreat for your getaway. As you search, consider booking our Conservatory Room! This wonderful guest room features hardwood floors, antique furniture, and bay window overlooking our Victorian gardens. Whether you want to unwind in the vintage claw foot tub or in the comfortable queen-size bed, you’ll feel refreshed and recharged every morning with us! 

Plan your Colorado vacation with us today!