Why the Denver Ski Train Is the Best Way to Travel to the Slopes

Think back to the last time you went on a great ski trip. Do you remember feeling the wind on your face as you carved up the slopes? You can probably recall the breathtaking views from the top of the mountain, too. But what about your transportation to the resort? That’s what we thought; nobody remembers the boring part of the trip! When you make the journey from the Mile High City to Winter Park, the Winter Park Express, also known as the Denver Ski Train, ensures a memorable experience. Grab your ski or snowboard gear, hop on the train, and take in the gorgeous views as you relax in a comfy seat. Cut out the tiring drive so that you can focus your energy on an excellent day full of skiing and snowboarding. If you are searching for information regarding other activities in and around Denver, download our free Vacation Guide! It’s full of recommendations on the best things to see and do in the area.

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The Denver Ski Train is the Easiest Way to Get from City Center to the Slopes

The History of The Winter Park Express

As one of the integral Colorado traditions, the Winter Park Express takes you on a scenic route from Union Station to Winter Park, a winter destination that’s 65 miles from Denver over Berthoud Pass. This can be a tough route to drive when it begins to snow. The Denver Ski Train alleviates the traffic on Interstate 70 and allows for safer travels to this mountainside resort.

The Trip

After decommissioning for a few years, Denver’s Union Station was revamped. Now, the train passes through several tunnels (29, in fact), and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Colorado. The train lets passengers off just steps away from the ski lifts at Winter Park. With the train leaving Denver in the morning and returning late in the day, this two-hour journey is the perfect Rocky Mountain adventure for many.

If you can’t wait to shred some powder, you can catch a ride from Denver International Airport to Union Station and connect to the Denver Ski Train. It’s the best way to hit the slopes within a few hours of landing! Tickets are available for purchase on the Amtrak site.

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