Everything You Need to Know About the Colorado Railroad Museum

Colorado is a state that’s full of exciting attractions and adventures. Walking around downtown Denver, it’s easy to forget that this land was once the final frontier, where people braved the elements with the hope of finding a new life. The Colorado Railroad Museum commemorates the people and machines that forged this path and made Denver the city it is today. With engaging, historical exhibits, interactive train rides, and plenty of year-round events, this is a great stop just outside of the Mile High City. If you need some help planning your trip, request access to our free Vacation Guide! It offers local suggestions and tips on the best things to see, places to visit, and restaurants in the Denver area!

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Your Guide to the Colorado Railroad Museum


Since its inception in 1959, the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden continues to build new and interesting displays for visitors. Whether you tour the 15-acre railyard or the extensive collection of literature in the library, there are plenty of interactive exhibits for everyone.

Depot Museum

The Depot Museum gives visitors a chance to view two rotating galleries depicting over 125 years of Colorado railroad history. You can also watch introductory videos and enjoy hands-on activities in the museum’s lower gallery. The depot building resembles an 1880-era small town railway depot once popular along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

Cornelius W. Hauck Roundhouse

The Cornelius W. Hauck Roundhouse showcases the inner workings of a “fix-it-shop” for trains. Walk around five stalls and learn how mechanics, carpenters, and painters repair train locomotives and cars. You can also get an up-close look at several different engines and railcars.


Something is mesmerizing about trains that capture peoples imaginations. These roaring steel behemoths serve as a gateway to the history of travel and exploration. Live out your childhood dream of standing in old locomotives, cabooses, and passengers cars around the railyard.

Library and Digital Exhibits

The rotating digital exhibits provide insight into Colorado’s history of railroad travel and the on-site library is one of the most comprehensive railroad libraries in the country. Photographs, employee records, engineering documents, and maps are just some of the things you can read in this exhibit.

Events and Train Rides

The Colorado Railroad Museum has a calendar of monthly train rides as well as themed ones for holidays and special events. Whether it’s celebrating the Polar Express, Haunted Railroad Museum, or a special evening of cocktails, the museum puts on fun events for all ages!


The Colorado Railroad Museum is only 25 minutes west from Castle Marne in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! This provides you with an easy opportunity to explore the many parks in the area or downtown Denver on the way back to your cozy room!

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