What Makes Castle Marne one of the Most Historical Places in Denver?

The city of Denver is chock full of history. From the first settlers trying to strike it big during the Gold Rush to the building of the Transcontinental Railway in the late 1800s, the Mile High City is full of historical gems from every era of the 19th and 20th centuries. While much of the old frontier is now a chic and modern metropolitan area, those who can peel back the many layers of the city will find a collection of some of the finest historical places in Denver! If you want to learn more about the best attractions and sights in our area, request our free Vacation Guide! It’s packed with expert info that makes planning your trip a breeze!

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Our Favorite Historical Place in Denver

Castle Marne

Yes, our very own castle tops our list of the top historical places in Denver! It was not only one of the first structures built in the Wyman Addition as a private residence but also became the impetus for new expanding neighborhoods built away from downtown in 1888. Silver investment banker and real estate developer Wilbur Raymond realized that many people with new-found wealth wanted the opulent European lifestyle that they could now afford.

Having bought what is now known as the Wyman Historic District, he partnered with the man who was to become the most prolific architect in Denver’s history to define Denver’s new skyline. Stonemason William Lang offered a unique eye for design in the creation of over 300 one-of-a-kind residential, government, and corporate buildings around the city. Although Lang was technically a stone mason by trade, not an architect, he artfully crafted what is now today one of the most unique and beloved places to stay in Denver!

Today, Castle Marne stands as an iconic Denver landmark that is a grand example of historic reuse. The careful preservation of the building and its furnishings, including the floors, wallpaper, curtains, and lighting make the castle a functioning museum!

Other Top Historical Places in Denver

Molly Brown House

The Molly Brown House is about a 10-minute walk from Castle Marne in the heart of the Capitol Hill District! This historic home and museum was also built William Lang and features Queen Anne Style architecture. It was home to philanthropist and activist Margaret Brown, who was also known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” after surviving the sinking of the Titanic.

Union Station

This beautiful Denver landmark built in the late 1800s is an excellent place to explore while exploring the LoDo district of downtown. Union Station’s Romanesque Revival style sets it apart from most of the other buildings in the area. While the inside and outside decor still retain its grand and opulent appearance, it also holds plenty of great places to shop and eat at inside.

Stay in Our Beautiful and Historic Denver Landmark!Castle Marne exterior

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Castle Marne is the perfect place for a historically incredible stay in Denver, but don’t just take our word for it! Check our availability and book your room today! We look forward to meeting you!