What You Need to Know About Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge

So, you want to explore Colorado’s famous wilderness during your time in Denver, but you don’t want to make the three-hour round trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. There are many other ways to see the Keystone State’s beauty, but the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge provides you with an unparalleled experience that is also close to the Mile High City! Kids and adults will love seeing the stunning variety of animals that call this expansive park home. For more suggestions on the best things to see and do during your trip here, request our free Denver Vacation Guide!

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Take a Closer Look at Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge

What is the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge?

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge is a 15,000-acre tract of land 25 minutes outside of downtown Denver established with the intent to help aid wildlife restoration in the area. This incredible network of prairies and lakes is perfect for those wanting to see some of the mammals, amphibians, birds, and plants that are native to the Rockies without having to make the trek out to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Visitor Activities

Visitors can explore the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge in a myriad of ways, the easiest of which is a self-guided 11-mile wildlife drive through the reserve. This tour allows you to see a broad spectrum of native wildlife while staying in the comfort of your car. Hiking, fishing, photography, and birding are other popular activities in the park. Guides in the Visitor Center also provide free guided tours around the refuge!

Wildlife and Habitats

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge mainly consists of flat prairie land, lakes, and wetlands, which is incredibly helpful for viewing animals. A surprising number of species live and grow on this huge tract of land. Bison graze while coyotes, deer, and prairie dogs scurry around the miles of grasslands. Snakes, frogs, and turtles are also frequent inhabitants of the three large lakes. Look to the skies, where you may spot American Kestrals, hawks, meadowlarks, owls, and if you’re lucky, a Bald Eagle! A unique display of native plants and flowers bloom across the park.

You’ll feel like you are miles away from civilization when in reality, you’re only right around the corner from the Mile High City’s many sights and attractions! You can see downtown Denver in the background as you walk through the park.

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