Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast has made a commitment to not only reduce our carbon footprint and resource consumption, but to also spread awareness about our green practices to guests and neighbors in Denver by:

  • Raising awareness of sustainability and green initiatives with our guests
  • Reducing our consumption of water through guest coaching and low flow products
  • Increasing our waste diversion rate through recycling, and new compost programs
  • Reducing energy usage to zero through offset of off-site solar arrays
  • Creating a culture of sustainability in the way we live, operate and innovate
  • Implementing paperless reservation system

Action Plan:

  1. Reach a 80% diversion rate through recycling, composting and awareness training
  2. Reduce Electricity consumption by 100% by 2015 through solar array program
  3. Reduce water consumption by 20% by end of 2015 through updated facilities and awareness training
  4. Performance indicators to be tracked through Green Hotel’s Global Dashboard
  5. Progress will be measured and discussed monthly
  6. On-going training and awareness campaigns will take place to address areas of opportunity

In an effort to achieve an environmentally friendly business, as well as conserve and protect Colorado’s natural resources, Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast promotes our facility as a green business through the following programs:

Hotel Wide

  • Composting program instituted
  • Hotel Vents and filters to be cleaned regularly/Regular preventative maintenance program
  • Utility bills tracked and monitored to identify areas of opportunity
  • Aggressive goals to reduce energy and water usage through conservation and innovation
  • Ensure Air ducts are sealed and insulated to prevent leakage
  • Equip guest rooms with low flow shower heads, toilets and faucet aerators
  • Old item recycling program developed to recycle: batteries, small electronics, and light bulbs
  • All new paint water based and have low VOC when possible
  • Use only Compact Florescent Energy Star light bulbs


  • Gardens supplement produce for our breakfast and foods
  • All food waste including used coffee grounds to be composted for reuse in garden
  • Single stream recycling used through waste management company
  • Reusable (No paper) employee dining
  • Seasonal and locally grown foods used when available to help reduce third party carbon emissions
  • Installation of hot water boosters for dishwasher
  • Hot water tanks are flushed every 6 months
  • Energy star appliances are purchased when available
  • Freezers and refrigerators monitored and serviced
  • Minimal use of individual servings for packaged items

Front Desk/Office

  • Recycle paper
  • Recycle toner cartridges
  • Recycle newspapers
  • Recycle program for corrugated boxes
  • Guests are encouraged to recycle
  • Promote rental bicycle program nearby for guests
  • Promotes guest and associate awareness of sustainability and hotel initiatives
  • Guest folios are emailed to guests to save paper waste
  • Automatic computer programming to put office and business center computers into sleep mode after periods of inactivity
  • Paperless job applications
  • 100% Compostable and recyclable products used in self-service coffee stations


  • Cloth hand towels in all public restrooms
  • Linen and towel reuse program dictated by guest wishes
  • Use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products
  • Adjusted water usage on washing machines in laundry
  • Recycle bins on every floor for housekeeper use
  • Low flow shower heads in guest rooms
  • Equipment replaced with Energy Star washing machines when available
  • All Toilets and faucets checked on a regular basis for leaks
  • Glasses and mugs are used instead of disposables
  • Signage educating guests to conserve water and electricity
  • Strategic seasonal thermostat settings
  • Control of unattended electronics and A/C in guest rooms
  • Unused guest amenities collected and donated to local homeless shelters
  • Guests amenities produced in Colorado, cruelty-free, biodegradable products in recyclable packaging
  • Unused portions of toilet paper are available to staff to take home if they wish


  • Sustainability is introduced to all new hires in property training
  • Green awareness signage to spread knowledge, awareness and passion for sustainability
  • Sustainability facts and awareness is promoted via website and social media
  • Employees and guests are encouraged to participate in all sustainability initiatives

Additional Goals

  • Achieve Green Leader on Trip Advisor gold level
  • APEX green meeting certification
  • Green Hotel Global measurement implementation
  • Green Key Global certifications